Mako Shark Dinner

Went to the Anderson’s Maumee fish counter yesterday for something delicious for our Good Friday dinner.  They had an amazing piece of sea bass there which I was drooling over, but at $29.99 a pound, I decided to keep looking!  I mean really?  That is outrageous!

Mako shark

I settled on this delicious looking Mako shark steak instead.  At $11.99 a pound that seemed much more palatable.  And my Dad served shark at his restaurant, The Fogcutter, in Port Huron, Michigan to rave reviews.  I hardly ever see this as an option these days at the fish counter so I asked and it comes in fresh, never frozen.  They never know when they are going to have it, as it cannot be fished for directly.  It is considered vulnerable status, in an effort to protect its sustainability.  Only when a commercial fisherman are marlin and tuna fishing and inadvertently catch a Mako are they allowed to keep it.  So, grab it up and give it a try if you are lucky enough to see it!

I just grilled it with EVOO, salt and pepper and served it with drawn butter which had been simmered with sliced almonds.  My family’s favorite fried green beans and onions and a baked potato made a perfect meal for us.  Add a glass of wine, I had my favorite Gamay Rouge, and it was a great meal.

Try something new and reach for an unusual fish like Mako shark, instead of the pricy sea bass next time you are shopping.  I promise you will not regret it!

I made a cute little video post to share with you all as well:

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