Savory Poached Eggs

This is a dish I have made to eat a lot lately, both for breakfast and for a lighter dinner when I have had a full meal for lunch and want to eat less for dinner.  It is a savory version of poached eggs – and not really a recipe, but a method of quick cooking that you can try for yourself, modifying it by changing up the veggies to ones you love best.

In the gallery below you will see a sort of step by step photo progression of what I did to whip up this quick and tasty meal.  First I sauteed chopped onions and thin sliced garlic in a T. of coconut and/or olive oil in a saucepan over medium heat.  Then I tossed in the mushrooms and browned them up nicely.  Next, add in several handfuls of fresh spinach leaves and just toss a couple of seconds to lightly wilt the spinach.  Cover it all with approximately half a cup of tomato sauce and reduce the heat to maintain a simmer in the pan.  Break in four fresh eggs and cover with a lid. Poach the eggs in the sauce for 6-8 minutes until the center of the eggs are the way you like them.  I like it so just a little yolk oozes out when cut, but they are mostly cooked through.

I served it up in a shallow bowl and as a finishing touch added fresh ground pepper, pink sea salt and a nice big handful of freshly grown sprouts over the top.  I happened to have some leftover french bread that was perfect for sopping up the sauce.  Yum!  Quick, easy and very satisfying.  Whenever I eat this for breakfast I have no mid-morning food cravings at all.

I would make this with the following list of alternate sauteed veggies as well:  Leeks, shallots, and zuchinni.  Alternate toppings to add or substitute that would be amazingly good is sliced avocado.


Please let me know what you think!


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