About Me

Welcome to my blog!

This is my online storehouse for advice, inspiration and tools for living a more creative, expressive life. I am an artistic soul with a wide variety of interests. In fact, I find it hard to focus on one area of expertise for very long! Is that you as well? You will be right at home here then, because there are a wide variety of creative ideas and projects to explore. I love to have step by step plans for tackling any project and I am a list making maniac, so you will find a multitude of lists and project plans that you can use and adapt to tackle your own creative projects.

I want to you to jump right in and feel comfortable here, so I have designed my blog as series of “rooms”. If you are looking for horticulture tips and projects, be sure to visit my garden room. If you are looking for recipes, then the kitchen is the place to start. You get the idea. I want you to feel as if you have pulled up a chair in my breakfast room and that we are chatting about the romantic meal you are planning for your husband over a steaming cup of tea and a scone!

As you explore the many “rooms” in my blog, you will find posts on DIY projects, recipes, menu and meal planning tips, gardening projects, relationship building, organizing projects, and great ideas for making memories and celebrating relationships.

Please be sure to connect with me and my readers as well. Creativity is collaborative, so I would love to hear from you about how you are tackling these projects, or similar ones in your own creative way. Don’t be shy, I read and reply to all blog comments personally and look forward to chatting with you!

My goal here is to provide you with ideas, plans and tools for creating and celebrating amazing moments with your loved ones. The underlying premise of my blog is that EVERYONE can be creative and finding ways to express your own creativity leads to a more enriched life. That is my wish for each and every one of my readers; a happy, creative life!

One of my very favorite quotes is “Carpe Diem”, and my hope is that my blog will inspire you to be an active DIYer and seize the day for yourself.

Thanks for visiting, be sure to comment when and where you see something that inspires you and come back soon!