Art Studio

Welcome to my creative life!

This is the place for pictures of my faux finishing and mural work from my decorative painting business, Carmony Fine Finishes.  I have done a lot of creative work that I am very proud of and so happy to share.

You will also find posts for the other craft and art endeavors that I create in my art studio.  I am blessed to have a large creative space, over 1,000 square feet, in the basement of my husband’s business in Perrysburg.  It is only a five minute drive from our home, so I can run over and create whenever the urge strikes me.  When I get it cleaned up and organized I will share some posts of this space with you, but don’t hold your breath!  I am your typical artist who thrives in the midst of creative chaos, so the studio is largely a mess most of the time.  I have a fully stocked craft store practically down there, and also hundreds of samples of my faux finishes that I use to help design my Carmony Fine Finishes work.

On the faux finishing side of things, I took over 7 different week long specialty faux finishing training courses over the years in Louisville, KY at Martin Alan Hirsch’s Faux Finishing School;  (big shout-out to Martin for my informed start in the business) including a fabulous week with the world famous Leonard Pardon who taught me the art of marble and wood-grain finishes that are nearly indistinguishable from real.

I hope you enjoy the wide range of finishes and work that are shown here.  One of the best parts of doing this kind of creative work is that every job I completed was different.  I just love helping people express a unique and creative aspect of their lives in their homes and businesses.  I am still doing this work, but now on a part time basis to allow time for grandmother duties!  Please feel free to contact me to discuss the possibility of creating something amazing for you.